I'm just gonna list the pedals first.  I'll also try to include a link to youtube so you can hear and see exactly what the pedals sound like and can do.  Again I can ship and do paypal if needed.

Tech 21 NYC Double Drive Limited Edition Distortion/Overdrive Pedal $100

BBE Boosta Grande ! Clean Boost $60

Joyo California Sound Mesa Boogie MK II modeling pedal.  Basically a Mesa Amp in a pedal, can direct record from it also.  $30

Joyo Voodoo Octave it's a Octave Fuzz Pedal and super cool $25

Joyo High Gain Distortion Classic Shred Pedal $25

Delta Lab Metal Distortion MD 1 Classic Metal Pedal $30

Seymour Duncan Pickup Booster Vintage Version $75

Caline CP-1 Distortion a Marshall Type Distortion Pedal also called English Man due to the Marshall Tone  $25

BBE Free Fuzz perfect for Smashing Pumpkins $50

BBE Mind Bender Chorus/Vibrato Pedal $50

Palmer Root Effects  TimePressor  made in Germany Analog Delay and Compression Pedal

this is a Pro Grade Pedal and was almost five hundred when it was first released, very solid and great for vintage rock and other styles.  $175

Marshall Vintage Shred Master Vintage Distortion Pedal Great for Hard Rock, Classic Rock Metal you name it $125

Marshall Jackhammer JH-1 $75

DOD FX53 Classic Tube Vintage Overdrive/Distortion $30

Jet City Afterburner Overdrive Dual Stage Overdrive $40

Vintage Rogue Distortion DST5 $25

Behringer FD300 Ultra Feedback/Distortion $25

Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer $25

Joyo JT55 Tuner $20

Electro Harmonix Dr Q Envelope Filter Vintage in Wooden Box $100

Vintage Electro Harmonix Big Muff Classic Muff/Fuzz $75

Vintage Tube Works Foot Switch Channel and Reverb/Stack for Tubeworks amp or rack $30

Behringer Vintage Overdrive/Distortion not modded $30

Fender Footswitch Two Button Channel Select and Effects New $25

8 OHM Super Soaker Amp Attenuator / Master Volume $40

Line 6 Tone Core Lot Includes two incredible Super Solid Tone Core Pedal and 3 Pods

Space Chorus (solid Chorus Pedal) , Crunchtone (classic Over Drive think Ibanez Tube Screamer), and Constrictor (3 diff compressors)  $100  

Guitar Rig, Comes with all pictured.  I prefer to sell as one unit.  Everything, case, amp, 3 eq's, rack light and tuner, delay, midi, everything $250

Behringer BTR2000 Rack Tuner, Rack Light, and Metronome all in one unit $50

Vintage Rack Mount Peavey Midi Librarian $20

Dod 830 Series II dual Band Graphic Equalizer Rack Mount $30

Peavey IDL 1000 Rack Mount Delay Unit $25